loadbang: Using multi-touch interfaces

BEK 02.10.2009 14.0002.10.2009 16.00


BEK has aquired a 15” Stantum multitouch screen” through our participation as associated partner in the French research project Virage. We will see how this can be used with Max and other programs by means of the Max Multitouch Framework. We will also look into other single and multitouch surface-based interfaces such as Lemur, Wacom tablets, OSCemote for iPhone/iPod touch and Continuum Fingerboard.

Finally we will take a quick look at the communicatin protocols OpenSoundControl and TUIO.

About loadbang

loadbang is a series or regular meetings for artists and students working on real-time based prosessing of media using software such as Max:“”, SuperCollider and Pd. We will meet twice a month to discuss a number of advanced topics. The participants will be encouraged to propose topics for upcomming meetings as well as to present and discuss their own projects, so that we can focus not only on technical issues but also the artitsic use of the software.

loadbang is a collaboration between BEK and Bergen National Academy of the Arts, with support from the Norwegian Art Council and The Municipality of Bergen. Meetings take place at BEK, C. Sundtsgt. 55, top floor.