Light-Sound night walk with Boris Shershenkov

BEK, C. Sundts gate 55 21.0003.05.2023 22.30


Join our studio resident Boris Shershenkov for a night walk starting from BEK, creating a light and sound map of the area around Nordnes. 

Time: 3 May, 21:00 
Starting point: BEK, C. Sundts gate 55
Sign-up: send an email to by 1 May. Places are limited (7 participants). The walk will be guided in English. It is free and no prior knowledge is needed. 


21:00 Introduction to the Lighthub project by Boris Shershenkov at BEK (start talk 21:10)
21:30–22:30 Light-Sound night walk with a group in BEK’s neighbourhood

It will also be possible to join a multichannel listening session with Boris on Thursday 4 May, 17:00 at BEK. No sign-up required.

The Lighthub project explores the essence of electric lights, which is fundamentally different from natural light sources. The designs of technogenic light streams are based on human visual inertia. They carry a significant amount of information hidden from the eye but located within the temporal limits of our auditory perception. Participants of this walk will by means of special converters have an opportunity to synesthetically investigate the city’s light environment created by various electrical sources such as advertisements, car headlights, and street lighting systems, and create a light and sound map of the area that they walk through. As part of the walk, participants will become co-authors of light-sound walk routes and performers of a cartographic piece from the Lighthub cycle. The performers of the piece, simultaneously moving along pre-agreed routes, record the modulations of the city light streams. During the recording, each route unfolds in time in the form of a unique sound piece.

To participate, dress warm for the outdoors and bring a smartphone or audio recorder with minijack input (3.5 mm) and wired headphones. If you don’t have the necessary equipment but would like to join, please get in touch at by 1 May!

Please note: BEK’s space unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible. Please send us an email if you’re using a wheelchair, and we’ll do our best to facilitate your needs for the event.

Boris Shershenkov is an independent artist and researcher, Ph.D. (candidate of technical sciences), educator and musical instrument designer. Focusing on projects that develop new methodologies in technological and sound art, he investigates the relationship between humans and technology combining modern techniques with media archaeological research.

Photos from previous walks with the Lighthub project: 1) Kaliningrad, photo by Alexander Matveev; 2) Istanbul, photo by Serkan Sevilgen; 3) Murmansk, photo by Eduard Mikryukov.