Instrument building workshop with Johannes Bergmark

BEK,BEK 05.05.2013 12.0005.05.2013 18.00


Sunday 5:
– Workshop from 12.00 – 18.00 at BEK
(C. Sundtsgate 55, øverste etasje)

Monday 6:
– Workshop from 14.00 – 20.00 at BEK

Tuesday 7:
– Concert at Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek 14.00
– Exhibition of instruments and concert at Østre 18.00
– Concert at Cafe Opera 21.00

We need to know how many people are coming and therefore ask for feedback as soon as possible. The workshops Sunday and Monday lasts 6 hours, it is not required to be there all the time but the goal is that everyone make their own instrument to the concerts on Tuesday.

We arrange some material but we encourage everyone to bring things from the list below, or any other thing you think can be used (it’s nice if someone could bring some tools, too)

– Hardwoods – (can be old furnitures etc.)
– Plastic Material
– Cardboard Material
– Paper
– Metal
– Wire, thin and rough, hard and soft
– Rope, wire, string of various kinds
– Pipes of various kinds, length and dimension (the simplest to manage is plastic), conduits and other hoses
– Youghurt cups (f.ex. for youghurt clarinets)
– Balloons
– Sticks
– Steel angles and seizures

This will be fun!

The picture is downloaded from Johannes Begmarks web site