Hanan Benammar: Musical Chairs

Radio Multe 93.8 FM / 1314 kHz AM, Nygårdsgaten 52 20.11.2021 09.0020.11.2021 11.00


Live radio broadcast and breakfast
20 NOVEMBER 09:00–11:00
Radio Multe 93.8 FM / 1314 kHz AM, and Nygårdsgaten 52
Free and open for all

Live breakfast radio show aired on the Radio Multe 93.8 FM, with a continental breakfast served at the radio station, located at Nygårdsgaten 52. 

While being served a light breakfast, the audience is invited to listen to and engage with short conversations between Benammar and friends, collaborators and esteemed colleagues concerning the symbolic, political and use value of arts, in relation to the notion of representation. Are art institutions actually able to change to accommodate a wider spectrum of practitioners, users and visitors? How is art being used to convey the image of change?

Musical Chairs is a follow-up of previous radio programs by Hanan Benammar at Radio Tenthaus and Radio Hopes and Dreams.

Confirmed guests:

Nishant Shah is professor of Aesthetics and Culture of Technologies, at ArtEZ University of the Arts, The Netherlands. His work is at the intersections of body, identity, digital technologies, artistic practice, and activism.

Ragnhild Freng Dale is a social anthropologist at Vestlandsforskning, with a particular interest in energy and strategies for climate transformation.

Asbjørn Grønstad is professor of Visual Culture at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen. In particular, he has addressed the ethical aspects of controversial expressions in visual media.

Marie Storli is head of Rethinking Economics Norway. Her primary field of interest is ecological and social sustainability, economical history and the history of ideas.

Hanan Benammar

Hanan Benammar is an Algerian/French artist based in Oslo who works conceptually in the field between geopolitical, environmental and social conditions. She also organises and curates art projects as part of her artistic practice. Benammar studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo and the Dutch Art Institute. 

Benammar’s practice ranges from music, sound and video installation to performance, sculpture and art in public space. Many of her works are made over a long time period, dedicated to a process that will unfold on a lifetime scale and repeat over time in different forms. Her works were presented at Radikal Unsichtbar (Hamburg), Edge of Wrong (Cape Town), Le Cube (Rabat), Black Box Theatre (Oslo), Bergen International Festival, Ultima Contemporary Music Festival (Oslo), Bildmuseet (Umeå) and The Golden Bridge (Reykjavík).

Musical Chairs er en oppfølger til tidligere radioprogram ved Radio Tenthaus og Radio Hopes and Dreams av Hanan Benammar.  

Radio Multe 93.8 FM

Radio Multe, named after the Norwegian for cloudberry, is a pilot FM community and experimental radio station in a storefront at Nygårdsgaten 52 in Bergen. Radio Multe is a place for community FM broadcasting while simultaneously asking questions about radio, community and communication. The station broadcasts at 93.8 FM and at during select weekend times.

Photo Hanan Benammar: Marianne Skovdahl

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