Future DiverCities

“Firebird” by Hannevold/Qin/Prati/Shomali

"Latent City - Invisible Fields #1" at Bergen Kjøtt 21.11.2020 14.0021.11.2020 20.00


Anders Hannevold, Juan Qin, Teresa Prati and Parsa Shomali
Audio visual performance

Firebird is a multimedia project that includes live performance and audio/visual arts. This project is generated by the usage of paper. The first layer of the performance deals with the different qualities, possibilities, and boundaries of this material. Further layers reveal subtopics in the work such as destruction and deforestation, but also metamorphosis and rebirth. While Igor Stravinsky’s well-known ballet Firebird is a large-scale production, our project Firebird flips this around as a smaller, non-extravagant piece for a solo performer.

About: This constellation consists of four artists with different focuses in their artistic approaches, coming from four different countries and cultural backgrounds. They got to know each other and worked together while they were all studying at the University of Bergen. Parsa Shomali is a composer from Iran who studied at UiB, Tbilisi State Conservatory and University of music and performing arts, Vienna. He specializes in electronic music, and was a selected composer of International Computer Music Conference 2018 and Seoul Computer Music Festival in 2017 and 2019. Anders Hannevold is a Norwegian contemporary composer who studied at UiB and Kyoto University of arts, and was a selected composer of numerous seminars and workshops in Japan, Norway and worldwide. Juan Qin is a designer and visual artist from China who studied at UiB, China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Aalto University in Finland. In her work she focuses on digital visual arts. Teresa Prati is an Italian new media artist who studied at UiB and Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo, Italy. She is specialized in the field of audiovisual performances.

Latent City

Latent City presents artistic productions dealing with the city’s hidden stories. Seen through the lens of artistic observation, hidden stories, latent infrastructures and questions of digital presence and of power and democracy in our cities, meet in an exhibition that takes place over three weeks. The Latent City is the city that awaits, the one that is about to unfold, our common future city. 

Several of the art projects are financed or commissioned by BEK, while others are existing works presented in new formats. A video program will be on show throughout the project period and there will be an extensive program of talks and performances. Please read more about the project and the programme here.