Family workshop on sound making with Oda Bremnes

BEK, C. Sundts gate 55, 9th floor 20.03.2022 13.0020.03.2022 16.00


Join us for a workshop with artist Oda Bremnes to learn how different exciting sounds can be produced and played with. With intricate machines and objects, with electricity and mechanical movement, we invite you to listen to the gripping sound universe of Oda, and to experiment with ways of creating sounds.

Sunday 20 March
BEK, C. Sundts gate 55, 9th floor

With several different stations inviting everyone to participate, the workshop is suitable for children of kindergarten and primary school age and their families. The workshop is free and open for drop-in – no sign-up required!

Join us for exciting experiences: You can play with a rebuilt radio, which still picks up FM radio signals, and can be remotely controlled from a computer. You can experiment with different materials, from feathers to elastic bands, to create sound and build simple instruments. You can create movement in water through sound, and even connect to a robot lamp to give it a voice.

The sound making workshop is a part of Resonating Nordnes Sunday 20 March and Borealis 2022. Earlier in the day, from 10:00-13:00, you can also join us at BEK to grab a coffee and listen to Radio Multe, Bergen’s newest community and experimental radio station. They are broadcasting live on 93.8 FM from their studio in Nygårdsgaten with a programme about Nordnes history with Anna Watson, Evy M. Sørensen, Karen Werner and live music by Fabian Lanzmaier.

Oda Bremnes

Oda Bremnes is an artist investigating how we respond emotionally towards technology. Her work consists of interactive video installations, sound and electronics. She experiments with ghosts as a felt presence and investigates how inanimate objects and machines could be recognised as living creatures. Bremnes recently graduated from the Master of Fine Art programme at Bergen Academy of Contemporary Art, KMD, University of Bergen.

Photos: Oda Bremnes.