Eduardo Williams: Embracing Uncertainty

Østre, Østre Skostredet 3 + streamed on Vimeo 12.11.2022 15.45


Eduardo Williams shares excerpts of his latest works – A very long gif and The Human Surge 3 – and speaks of his approach to filmmaking, physical intuition, and the constant movement that creates a melody of surprise, variation and connection between different spaces and bodies.

Talk and screening
Time: 12 November 15:45
Venue: Østre, Østre Skostredet 3

Recorded with a swallowed pill camera, the video A very long gif is an observational journey through the landscape of the digestive system, combined with a detailed zoom into cities and people moving in the limits of our vision, filmed with a powerful telephoto lens. The sound of overlapping movements through different human agglomerations offers the third level of observation of the video. With the sensual materiality of images constituting different worlds in themselves, what happens when we contemplate different scales working together? The video is produced by Azkuna Zentroa,, with the collaboration of BEK.

Williams’ next feature film, The Human Surge 3, is shot in Sri Lanka, Peru and Taiwan using almost entirely a 360º camera. The footage takes us to a journey along a wet spiral of fantasy and reality, and invites us to think about decentralisation, uncertainty and fluidity. With images carrying contrasting meanings, how does framing a film in post-production (and not during the shooting of the film as usual) change the way of thinking the frame and the center of the image?

Williams’s new video A very long gif will be screened 13 November, 12:00-17:00 at Østre.


Eduardo Williams is a filmmaker and artist whose works explore a fluid mode of observation, looking for mutual relations and open adventures in a physical and virtual network. He believes that uncertainty can yield its own sources of beauty and creates new forms of small-scale resistance through communal escape and shared complicity, so as to chart the rhythms of autonomy over automatism. 

Williams’s shorts films premiered at Cinéfondation and Director’s Fortnight at Cannes Film Festival, and at FID Marseille. His first feature, The Human Surge (2016), won the Pardo d’oro for Best Film at Filmmakers of the Present at the 69th Locarno Film Festival and was later shown at Toronto International Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Tate Modern and other festivals. In 2019 he received the Lincoln Center Award for Emerging Artists. His last short film Parsi (2018) was produced by the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève for the Biennale de l’image en Mouvement 2018 and premiered at Berlinale – Forum Expanded; it was shown at Tate Modern, Julia Stoscheck Collection, Lincoln Center and other festivals and museums.

Photo credits: Photo courtesy of Eduardo Williams.

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