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“Edgelands” by Trond Lossius

"Latent City - Invisible Fields #1" at Bergen Kjøtt 21.11.2020 14.0021.11.2020 19.00


Edgelands (2019)
Trond Lossius
Electroacoustic composition (3rd order Ambisonic) for multichannel loudspeaker array

Edgelands starts from a series of field recordings from the suburbs and fringes of the city. These zones are critical as urban infrastructures, residential areas and for transport and industry. Still, they come across as bland, banal, and anonymous, haphazardly developed and aesthetically neglected. The suburban field recordings negate the dualism of nature and culture. Instead, insects, birds, wind and water cohabitate the sonic environment alongside footsteps, voices, dogs, traffic, trains and  aeroplanes. The suburban soundscape is truly anthropocene and testifies to current political, societal, economic and environmental conditions. Edgelands make use of field recordings from Bergen, Stockholm, Stoke on Trent, Cape Town and Windhoek.

Commissioned by NOTAM, Edgelands premiered at the Ultima festival in 2019.

Trond Lossius (b. 1966, Bergen) is a sound and installation artist based in Bergen. He investigates the dynamics of sound, place and space in field recordings, audio-visual installations and collaborative cross-disciplinary projects, with a particular interest in the soundscapes of the suburb. He develops open-source software for spatial audio and real-time media for use in his own projects, and he has published research in international conferences and journals on sound and music computing. He is professor and PhD-leader at The Norwegian Film School and professor II at The Grieg Academy.

Trond Lossius’ website.

Latent City

Latent City presents artistic productions dealing with the city’s hidden stories. Seen through the lens of artistic observation, hidden stories, latent infrastructures and questions of digital presence and of power and democracy in our cities, meet in an exhibition that takes place over three weeks. The Latent City is the city that awaits, the one that is about to unfold, our common future city. 

Several of the art projects are financed or commissioned by BEK, while others are existing works presented in new formats. A video program will be on show throughout the project period and there will be an extensive program of talks and performances. Please read more about the project and the programme here.