Concert at Landmark

Landmark 13.03.2009 21.0013.03.2009 23.59


Mean Time Between Failures

Diemo Schwarz a.k.a. Mean Time Between Failures use field recordings as a point of departure for further processing in drone-based work, often using his own software CataRT. CataRT manipulates sound based on analyzed qualities of the sound in a way that can be considered a continuation of a long tradition of concern for the quality of sound, timbre and orchestration in French music.

Diemo Schwarz is a researcher at IRCAM, and have been conducting a workshop at BEK for the last week.

Victoria Johnson vs. Mean Time Between Failures

The second set is an improvisation featuring Victoria Johnson (electric violin) and Diemo Schwarz (live processing). As Victoria is playing, the sound is captured and analyzed and becomes an ever-growing database of sound to be used for further processing.

Victoria Johnson is educated as violinist fron Oslo, Vienna and London. In recent years she has been researching the music potential of the electronic violin with live processing, and she is currently a research fellow at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

James Webb

The last set is a performance by the South-African sound artist James Webb.

In addition to the concert, his “Untitled” work will be presented: A blinking light in a window at Bergen kunsthall is transmitting a secret morse code.

Gisle Marten Meyers is Podmaster between the sets.

Comming Sunday James Webb og Marcus Neustetter will be giving artist talks at Galleri 3.14.

The concert is a collaboration between BEK, Galleri 3.14, Maia Urstad/Maur Produksjoner and Landmark, supported by The Norwegian Art Council and The Municipality of Bergen.