Catherine Malabou: Anarcho-capitalism vs Revolutionary Anarchism: Alternative or Dilemma?

Østre, Østre Skostredet 3 + streamed on Vimeo 11.11.2022 18.3011.11.2022 19.30


In her talk for the symposium, professor Catherine Malabou will present some of her recent work exploring relations between philosophy and anarchism.

Online talk
Time: 11 November at 18:30 CET
Venue: Østre, Østre Skostredet 3

Capitalism today is changing from being centralised to become multiple horizontal platforms, an apparently democratic form of being. This opens up a discussion on a kind of coincidence of this anarcho-capitalism with the anarchic protest movements of today. And what is the role of neurobiology, psychoanalysis, philosophy and technology in these new anarchistic models? 

In her new book “Au voleur! Anarchie et philosophie” (“Thief! Anarchism and Philosophy”, 2022), Malabou proposes a metaphysical anarchism which questions the need to be led in order to survive, giving a philosophical foundation to the questions of alternative politics in a time when they are more urgent than ever. 

This also informs a discussion on technology, where everything today becomes a “platform” without any central authority. 

“We’re abandoned, so to speak. We think that we are empowered by new technologies, but in reality we are absolutely disempowered. We have to create a theory of responsible anarchism. What do we want? And what kind of political regime will be able to guarantee social justice?” Malabou from an interview in Kunstkritikk 23 September 2022.

Catherine Malabou

Catherine Malabou is a professor of philosophy at the European Graduate School, Switzerland as well as the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, UK. Her research spans a vast and widely celebrated collection of works developing in and around her central concept of plasticity, and throughout numerous developments and interventions into fields such as hegelianism, neurobiology, feminism and artificial intelligence. 

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