Borealis: Pascal Baltazar & Bjørnar Habbestad

Borealis, Logen 25.03.2009 21.0025.03.2009 22.00


This concert is the start of a collaboration between Habbestad and Baltazar, resulting in a performance to premiere in Bergen and Albi in the spring of 2010.

Pascal Baltazar works with sound and video in live performances, installations, compositions and improvisations. He creates responsive gesture-sensitive instruments that create and transform sounds and images, focusing on rhythm, and the relation to body and space.

Bjørnar Habbestad is a flautist working as a chamber musician in TITTEL, improviser in LEMUR, noise maker in REHAB, ensemble flautist in N Ensemble and electro-acoustic performer in USA/USB.

This is the start of the process: Baltazar’s spatial works meet Habbestad’s electro-acoustic improvisations.

The concert is a collaboration between Borealis, BEK and GMEA Centre National de Creation Musicale.