Bertolt Brecht & Hanns Eisler: Die Maßnahme

BIT-Teatergarasjen,Salzburger Festspiele 20.05.2007 20.0002.06.2007 20.00


On returning home, four communist agitators present themselves to the courts: their political task was successful, but in the process they shot one of their comrades. To argue for the necessity of their precaution, the four demonstrate how their comrade behaved in various situations. The case in point is as follows: what is the cost to an individual to carry out a collective action? What are the consequences of making a different choice underway and choosing to favour the “little man” at the expense of righting the “major wrong”; for instance undermining an entire strike in order to help a single worker? Can sympathy for one person lead to – and perhaps even justify – the downfall of many?

Directed by Tore Vagn Lid, the Transiteatret-Bergen pursues its vision of a “musicalized theater”, in which the audience is “placed within a musical and dramaturgical tension between identification and reflection – the mind is put in motion by the heart, and vice versa.” (Dirk Pilz)

Coproduction with Transiteatret-Bergen and Bergen International Festival. In cooperation with BIT-Teatergarasjen and BEK – Bergen Senter for elektronisk kunst. Supported by the Arts Council Norway and Norwegian department of foreign affairs.