BEK Opening Week 2022: Parallax & Anders Tveit – Inside–Outside

BEK, C. Sundts gate 55, 9th floor 19.02.2022 20.00


In collaboration with nyMusikk Bergen and as a part of BEK Opening Week 2022, we invite you to a concert/live sound installation featuring improvisation/contemporary music trio Parallax and electroacoustic composer Anders Tveit.

Saturday 19 February
BEK, C. Sundts gate 55, 9th floor
Free and open for all (no registration required!)

Parallax and Anders Tveit will perform a new work with the working title Inside–Outside, challenging the boundaries between the acoustic and the electronic. It constitutes an artistic exploration of challenging established roles, interaction, and the concert situation as such.

In electroacoustic music, the traditional speaker serves as the medium for the music, while the resounding instruments serve this function in acoustic music. The idea of Inside-Outside, from an artistic as well as a composition perspective, is to change this around by challenging the roles of interaction and media, thus creating an ambiguous soundcape where the listener cannot distingush between what is played acoustically or generated synthetically. Through advanced music technology, connected to vibrating speakers (transducers) and tiny microphones placed inside the acoustic instruments, a range of possibilities are opened up and added to the traditional ones.

During its twelve ears as an ensemble, Parallax has had multiple collaborative projects with other artists. The term “parallax” describes a difference in perspectives, both in a hands-on manner and at the idea level: the ensemble members observe or contemplate the same object or thought, while all having individual experiences and arriving at diffferent conclusions based on the same impression. The above elements of Inside–Outside are related to the concept of the parallax, and contribute to creating an interesting and challenging approach to creating and performing music, for both Parallax and Tveit.

Inside–Outside will be a challenging project for composer and perfomer alike, challenging conventions and, hopefully, the audience as well.

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Photo: Parallax