BEK Opening Week 2022: BEK Works in progress

Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, Rasmus Meyers allé 5 20.02.2022 19.00


Each year, more than 40 local and international artists visit BEK for work residencies in our sound and video studios and electronics lab. Practising artists are also a part of our organisation, and we run workshops where creative practitioners from Norway and the world learn new skills and exchange ideas. Please join us at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, Sunday 20 February at 19:00 for a micro-glimpse of what’s cooking in BEK’s busy kitchen! We’ll be showing some of the great work being created in our spaces or with BEK´s assistance and inspiration. The event is free and is a part of the programme for BEK Opening Week 2022. 

Sunday 20 February

Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, Rasmus Meyers allé 5
Free and open for all (no registration required!)

More on the works which can be experienced during the evening:

Ingrid Bjørnaali: Strømforgreininger (Current Dividers) 

The video shows a photogrammetry version of Svartdalen, a patch of old forest located central in Oslo. Its specific biotope is re-examined in its digital representation. The video explores the omnipresence of the digital in our experience of the world as well as the inability of technology to adequately comprehend the natural.

Åse Løvgren and Stine Gonsholt: The Universal Machine

This work by Løvgren and Gonsholt is a three-channel video installation. The title of the work is based on Alan Turing’s first descriptions of a programmable computer from 1936. The work has been shown at Spriten Kunsthall in Skien (2021) and will be further adapted for a show at Kabuso in Øystese. In the video installation, the relation between machine and body is negotiated. The user interface between nature and the digital is in movement, and the organic structures of nature are invading the digital body. 

Espen Sommer Eide: Arkadia 02-2022

We’ll see excerpts from Sommer Eide’s audiovisual work Arkadia 02-2022, which is to be premiered at the Barents Spektakel festival 23–27 February. The work explores how our consciousness and memory piece together a life-world. Our actions and movements within it make the rhythms of our imaginary home. The video and audio material are recorded over the course of 20 years and re-composed and re-presented with the assistance of various artificial intelligence and machine learning models. In addition to the computer generated material, the work weaves in a number of new audiovisual performances based on local everyday experiences such as cloudberry picking, mosquito meditations, coffee fortune telling, a cat operating a camera, and investigating an old 78rpm vinyl record collection found in the attic.

Kiyoshi Yamamoto: Beyond the Fantastic

We get a sneak peek at parts of Beyond the Fantastic – a video installation made for Kunstnerforbundet, where Yamamoto will exhibit his work 24.02.22—03.04.22. Filmed in the rainforest with Brazilian silk as a recurring material, the video is produced with support from Arts Council Norway, The Audio and Visual Fund. The material was edited in part during a studio residency at BEK.

Jenny Berger Myhre, Annie Bielski and Jenny Hval: Year of Love

We are screening the music video for “Year of Love”, Jenny Hval’s recently released track from her upcoming album Classic Objects. Directed by Jenny Berger Myhre, Annie Bielski and Jenny Hval. Artwork, rooms and 2d animation by Annie Bielski. 3d animation by Jenny Berger Myhre, with thanks to Notam & BEK.  

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Images: Stills from Year of Love, music video directed by Jenny Berger Myhre, Annie Bielski and Jenny Hval (1-3). Installation view from The Universal Machine by Åse Løvgren and Stine Gonsholt, photos: Malin Lobell (4), Stine Gonsholt (5). Still from The Universal Machine by Åse Løvgren and Stine Gonsholt (6). Stills from Beyond the Fantastic by Kiyoshi Yamamoto (7-8). Stills from Arkadia 02-22 by Espen Sommer Eide (9-10). Stills from Current Dividers by Ingrid Bjørnaali (11-12).