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About the projects:
Ouroboros is an instrument developed by Espen Sommer Eide for the Bergen Assembly triennials instrument/performance program Within. The instrument is developed in cooperation with deaf performers or with different levels of hearing. The instrument is comprised of custom made microphones, pedals and speakers. Through vibrations in the instrument, feedback sounds/vibrations are generated and shaped in the mouth cavity of the performer. This is in turn shaped by a construction of tubes to be tuned to various scales. In this way the performer “sings” without making any sounds by his/her own vocal chords. The instrument investigates language, communication and learning processes.
(photo by Bit20)

Espen Sommer Eide (1972) is a musician and artist based in Bergen, Norway. His artworks investigates subjects ranging from the linguistic, the historical and archival to the invention of new scientific and musical instruments for performative fieldwork. He has been a prominent representative of experimental electronic music from Norway, with main projects Alog and Phonophani, and a string of releases on the label Rune Grammofon.

His works has been exhibited and performed at Bergen Kunsthall, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Manifesta Biennial, Henie Onstad kunstsenter, Stedelijk Museum, De Halle Haarlem, Sonic Acts, Mutek festival, GRM/Presences Électronique, Performa Festival, Museo Reina Sofia and more. 

Composer Kari Telstad Sundet describe her project with these words:
‹‹We do not hear only with our ears, sound is so much more than what the impulses the inner ears cochlea can receive.
In this project I investigate what sound is and what it can be through deaf peoples competence in listening in other ways than the hearing. Through eyes and the body. My aim has been to create music through a sound library created together with deaf people. A library created through sound walks together with deaf people during one summer in Bergen. With the gathering and tuning of touch sensitive pads a new instrument has been created, which will present sounds of the city in new ways. My hope is together with hearing and non hearing compose and play music.›› Kari Telstad Sundet is a composer examined from The Grieg Academy in 2016.

Trond Lossius will compose a work for the Within instruments to be performed Friday, September 30th. The work will be developed on site and explore the particular affordances of the instruments, as well as the issues of hearing and deafness that underpins the project. It will also reflect on discrepancies between the ability to hear and a widespread lack of attention and awareness towards our sound surroundings.

End of Oil and the film Oilers is created by Massimiliano Mollona and Anne Marthe Dyvi. The project startet after they met in 2014 and begun the conversation about oil, economy, and contemporary state of both. With the crossing perspective of the global and the local. The conversation turned in to a project that will be exhibited at Hagerupgården.
A question often asked is, how is the outlook for the oil industry or the economy? In the film, Oilers they followed the year of 2015 from the workers point of view, by filming their tasks of puzzling together an oil platform with skilled hands. Foreign and Norwegian workers create together huge constructions that will be pulled out in the ocean to suck up the oil from beneath.

They have with the camera tried to capture the visual alphabet of work and economy on the west coast of Norway.
In 2015 about 30.000 jobs in the oil industry disappeared in Norway. Every film is an attempt to see what no longer is.

The film is captured at Kværner Stord.

Massimiliano (Mao) Mollona is a writer, filmmaker and anthropologist. He has a multidisciplinary background in economics and anthropology and his work focuses on the relationships between art and political economy. He conducted extensive fieldworks in Italy, UK, Norway and Brazil, mainly in economic institutions, looking at the relationships between economic development and political identity through participatory and experimental film projects. His practice is situated at the intersection of pedagogy, art and activism. He is a part of the collective freethought, curators for Bergen Assembly.

Anne Marthe Dyvi (born 1979) is an artist educated and based in Bergen with an MA in fine arts from Bergen Academy of Art and Design, 2010. In addition to her own practice as an artist, she is a part of the artist group Ytter, and works as artistic developer at Bergen Center for Electronic Arts. She works with different mediums; video, sculpture, text, sound, performance and installation, not faithful to any of them. Her work has been shown in several parts of Norway and Sweden, Italy,  Slovakia, England, Germany, Estonia, Iceland and Lithuania. She was part of the resource group developing a national archive for video arts in Norway for the Arts Council. She writes and lecture about art on a freelance basis.