Awne – a workshop with Lars Holdhus

Workshop in Bergen and online 05.09.2021 07.11.2021


Awne is an approach to art making where natural farming, agroforestry, buddhism, cosmocentric farming, biocultural systems, forest gardening and biomimicry meet sound and art. By looking at different ways of positioning yourself as nature (instead of in nature) you can take a different approach to your own practice. By exploring and applying Awne you can increase your awareness of different processes that occur around us, the complexity of these processes, the sustainability of your practice and your place as nature.

The workshop will consist of five sessions in the period from 5 September to 7 November, with some of the sessions taking place online, and some happening physically in Bergen. The physical sessions will be streamed online for participants who are not able to attend in person. The workshop is free and will be held in English.

To register for the workshop please send an email to The places are limited.


5 September 16:00
The first session will provide an introduction to Awne – interesting voices in natural farming, agroforestry, Buddhism, cosmocentric farming, biocultural systems, forest gardening and biomimicry.

19 September 16:00
The second session will offer an introduction to different practical approaches that involve ecology in various ways. It will examine the sustainability and permanence of an art practice, including sustainable art and ecological art.

17 October 16:00
The third session will be mapping out contemporary theories about ecology. We will go through the anthropocene, the holocene, deep ecology and dark ecology. We will also look at the practical outcome of these theories.

27 October 18:00 (postponed)

7 November 16:00
This session will be mapping out contemporary theories about ecology, and discussing foraging, fermentation, sustainable food diets, preservation and their social and cultural roles. The session is open to the public. Please send an email to to sign up and get the Zoom link.

The first two sessions are mainly addressed to new participants, while the following sessions might also be joined by participants of earlier workshops on Awne led by Lars Holdhus. Some sessions will also include guests that will be announced later on.

About Lars Holdhus
Lars Holdhus is an artist and electronic music producer based in Norway. Holdhus’ works reflect a strong sense of rhythm, seriality and melody, as well as a deep immersion in technology. In his recent works, Holdhus has been addressing tendencies in machine learning, AI and ecology. He is releasing music under the moniker TCF and is associated with PAN based in Berlin.

Images: Lars Holdhus
Portrait photo of Lars TCF Holdhus: Matthijs Diederiks

Awne – a workshop with Lars Holdhus is part of BEK´s symposium The only lasting truth is change that will unfold during the autumn of 2021 with a core event 18-20 November. Keep an eye on our webpage for the upcoming programme.