Åse Løvgren at BEK for B-open

BEK, C. Sundts gate 55, 9th floor 17.09.2022 12.0017.09.2022 17.00


Please join us at BEK Saturday 17 September! Visual artist Åse Løvgren will be showing excerpts of her work in a variety of media: video, photogrammetry and animation. The event is part of the art festival B-open 2022.

Time: Saturday 17 September, 12.00–17.00

Place: BEK, C. Sundts gate 55, 9th floor

Løvgren is currently finishing work on an exhibition to open 1 October at Kunsthuset Kabuso in Øystese. For B-open, she will be showing excerpts from what she is about to present there. In addition, she will share her work on photogrammetry, becoming digital 3D models to collect images and animations from. At the moment, Løvgren is working on models she has made from moss and lichen in Kvam’s Øystesevassdraget, where the environmental conditions are particularly welcoming to several endangered species of moss and lichen. So far, the presence of these species have put a stop to building hydroelectric power plants in the area, becoming a voice in current debates on the power shortage crisis, energy needs and energy transitions. Through digital observations, the moss and lichen appear in unfamiliar ways, providing an expanded opportunity to tell new stories. 

B-open is an annual art festival where artists in and around Bergen open their studios and work spaces to the public. See the B-open website for details and full programme!


Åse Løvgren (b. 1975 in Bodø, Norway) is a visual artist working in a number of formats where collaboration is often central, and in constellations where ideas of a specific artistic signature, authorship and dialogue are up for negotiation. Løvgren also works as a project developer at BEK, where she initiated the workshop «Landscape as Material Witness» (2022) with Susan Schuppli, as well as the exhibition project “Latent City” (2019), and more. She was co-artistic research leader in «Synsmaskinen» at KMD led by Frans Jacobi (2013-2018) and curator at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall 2010-2013. With Karolin Tampere she founded Rakett (2004-), a platform for polyphonic explorations within artistic and curatorial practice. 

Åse Løvgren’s artist profile on B-open

Images: 1-2) Print from 3D object, Åse Løvgren, 2022. 3) Åse Løvgren working on photogrammetry. 4) Still from «The Universal machine», HD/surround. Stine Gonsholt and Åse Løvgren, 2022. 5) Still from «The Valley», HD video, 2019, with Stine Gonsholt and Alexander Rishaug.