Future DiverCities

Artists invited to Future DiverCities by BEK


One of the Future DiveCities project’s (FDC) ambitions is to share our local and national artist networks with our international partners. BEK’s knowledge of artists that experiment with art and technology will be shared and exchanged between partner organisations.

FDC works to create opportunities for artistic exploration and networking, where the creators will be honored properly for their participation. The creative direction and co-curation of the project will be carried out by the “Artistic Group”. The Artistic Group has been assembled to include representatives with backgrounds in both art and curating from the network of partners. BEK’s representative for the FDC’s Artistic Group is their Artistic Developer, Anne Marthe Dyvi. So far, BEK has suggested and/or supported these artists by engaging them in the Future DiverCities project:

– HC Gilje for exhibition in Marseille (2017) and LAB in Kuopio (2016). HC Gilje’s website.
– Kjersti Sundland for LAB in Zagreb (2017). Kjersti Sundland’s website.
– Kirsti van Hoegee for LAB in Bergen (2017). Kirsti van Hoegee’s website.
– Njål Clementsen for LAB in Bergen (2017). Njål Clementsen at Vimeo.
– Piotr Pajchel for LAB in Bergen (2017). More about Piotr Pajchel.
– Eva Pfitzenmaier for LAB in Barcelona (2017). Eva Pfitzenmaier’s website.
– Emma Fält for LAB in Bergen (2017). Emma Fälts’s website.
– Myriel Milicevic for LAB in Bergen (2017). More about Myriel Milicevic here.

BEK has been delighted to work with these unique artists who share their skills and knowledge with the FDC network, with equal curiosity for the work of other contributors.

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