Artist talk: Peter Sinclair

Kunstakademiet 4. etg, C. Sundts gt 53 09.10.2009 14.0009.10.2009 16.00


Peter Sinclair is a sound artist. Since 2004 he has been the director of Locus Sonus, a sound- and science laboratory connected to l’École Supérieure d’Art in Aix-en-Provence and l’École Nationale Supérieure d’Art in Villa Arson, Nice. Sinclair and his colleague Jerome Joy have recently started on a PhD science program at London University of the Arts, under the supervision of Angus Carlyle.

On Friday, Peter Sinclair will give us a short introduction of his own artistic background, Locus Sonus, and clarify the premises for the science program which he is taking part in. The program seems to differ radically from our own “Stipendiatprogram”, because it puts less emphasis on text production although you end up with a PhD degree. This is still not the case in Norway.

The presentation will be held in English.

Free entrance – Welcome!

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