An Active Prelude to Easter

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Amir Ajdinovic is working on a filmproject: My project is an attempt to transform real life into a movie. I’m making a stylized documentary, giving it feature film and music video aesthetics. It’s an exploration of narcissism and art, mostly inspired by social media and DSLR-technology (the possibility to recreate Hollywood-images easily). I imagine the film being about “everything”; non-linear schizo-montage of all the footage I can manage to capture – though since I am closest to myself, the film is probably going to be about me struggling to make a film. In many ways I am trying to make the ultimate meta-film as a manifest of our self-concious and neurotic culture.

Trine Hylander Friis is developing a work on spatialising her soundwork for the masters exhibition at Kunsthallen, opening 12th of April assisted by spatialisation and max/Jamoma expert Trond Lossius.

LEMUR is working on audio and video recording of Critical Band, which was performed under EKKO festival in autumn 2012. BEK has co-produced the development of the project and the ensemble’s work with acoustic analyzes.
LEMUR members are Bjørnar Habbestad, Michael Duch, Hild Sofie Tafjord and Lene Grenager.