Acting Director at BEK

BEK 01.04.2018 31.12.2018


Director at  BEK, Lars Ove Toft, has been granted sabbatical leave from 1st of April. During this period, Anne Marthe Dyvi, will be Acting Director (70%) and Camilla Svingen will take over administrative duties (60%). Most of you will already be familiar with Anne Marthe Dyvi, who is an artist and has been employed as Artistic Developer at BEK since 2010. Camilla comes from her position as General Manager at Proscen, and has a long experience as a producer for the performing arts

At BEK we are working on exciting projects for the moment! Among other things, we look forward to the mini-residency Studio Sessions in May / June, where two guest artists together will work out a new composition in our sound studio. On June 1st, BEK will enter the Bergen Public Library and save everyone from the technological tsunami through a lecture series. And in mid-June, international and local artists will meet to explore algorithms in a workshop that is also an exhibition. More information at soon.

As before, we offer art and technology advice to your projects by appointment and all booking is done via e-mail to booking(at) Read more about our facilities and use of these here.