Future DiverCities

“Zonen” by Pia Rönicke

"Latent City" at Bergen Kjøtt 12.11.2020 29.11.2020


Zonen (2005)
Pia Rönicke 
16mm lm/DVD, 22:34 min.

Through an indistinguishable landscape with no buildings and filled with roads that lead to nowhere, three architects wander around talking about ecology, social sustainability and architecture in urban planning. It is never really clear if the landscape they are walking through is about to be built, or a landscape of their imaginations, on which they can project their high floating ideas that seem unrelated to the ground that they are walking on. The site is outside Århus in Denmark where plans of a new industrial area were never fully realised. The planned factories were never built, leaving the site in an in-between stage, where the reference to Tarkovsky’s zone in the film Stalker comes to mind.

Pia Rönicke (b. 1974, Roskilde) is an artist based in Copenhagen. In recent years, she has been investigating different botanical collections that show traces of colonial and geopolitical conditions. Her work is concerned with problems of space and spatial transformations. She is interested in the connection between workspace and filmic space, and how we conceive historical matters in relation to our daily activities. Rönicke often works with archives and the practice of collecting is a recurring theme in her artworks. Her work has been shown at: Parallel Oaxaca, Mexico, Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Apexart, New York, Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, Sweden, and Henie Onstad, Norway.

Latent City

Latent City presents artistic productions dealing with the city’s hidden stories. Seen through the lens of artistic observation, hidden stories, latent infrastructures and questions of digital presence and of power and democracy in our cities, meet in an exhibition that takes place over three weeks. The Latent City is the city that awaits, the one that is about to unfold, our common future city. 

Several of the art projects are financed or commissioned by BEK, while others are existing works presented in new formats. A video program will be on show throughout the project period and there will be an extensive program of talks and performances. Please read more about the project and the programme here.