Voices: Sound installation by Alf Bugge Gjerstad

Suldal 20.06.2009 00.0020.06.2009 00.00


The installation portraits the voice as a mirror through language of the human nature and character. Each geographical region and every single person display individual variations of voice and language reflecting their personality. From loudspeakers mounted in the roof words and phrases drizzle down on the passengers waiting for the ferry in Suldal.

Stemmer (Voices) is a permanent sound installation at the ferry terminal in Suldal. The installation was commisioned by Kunstnarprosjektet i Suldal, The Municipality of Suldal and has been produced at BEK and Kunstnarprosjektet i Suldal, Suldal kommune.

The official opening of the installation takes place June 20th 2009.