Transiteatret : Ressentiment – Pavane til en død prinsesse.

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The word Ressentiment means a passive feeling of jealousy and powerlessness. The show will examine the anatomy of powerlessness. Do we live in a test might? Does it create ressentiment? And how damaging is this for a free society?

Because where state, society and school speaks of Man’s potential for development, a new and naturalistic school of research speaks louder and louder of what is fixed – given by birth or determined by nature. What happens when the loser – faced by popular science, TV entertainment and internet tests – starts to perceive own achievements as nature?

The performance is produced by Transiteatret-Bergen in co-production with BIT Teatergarasjen and Black Box Teater in collaboration with Den Nationale Scene, Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts (BEK) and Kunstnerhuset WRAP. The performance is supported by, Kunstløftet, Norsk Kulturråd og Bergen Kommune.