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Part I:
The SUN is a glowing light sculpture, 3 m in diameter, that shifts between a wide range of warm colors. To make the trip, it was suspended above a flatbed trailer pulled by a truck. The distance from Oslo to Tromsø is 1623 km (1009 miles), covering the majority of Norway along the way. The SUN travelled through the Norwegian landscape on roads that would challenge any veteran snow and ice driver. On arrival the SUN was mounted on the second floor façade of Tromsø Kunstforening, where it stayed from November 2012 until February 2013, until the real sun came back again.

February 2013 the SUN will travel all along the Norwegian west coast with Hurtigruten, M/S Nordkapp on a eight-day sea journey from Tromsø to Kirkenes and finally to Bergen. The SUN will be mounted on the top deck and the whole journey will be documented on photo and film.

September 2013 the SUN will be mounted on the outside wall of The Tent in London during London Design Festival. The SUN will represent 100% Norway @ Dray Walk Gallery.

From October 2013 until April 2014 the SUN will be hanging on the second floor façade of The Culture House at Rjukan. A small town located in a valley between towering mountains without a visible sun for approximately 6 months.

The Sun will travel from Tromsø to Bergen on the top deck of M/S Nordkapp, and we will welcome them in Bergen on Friday 22th at 14.30.

Departure 19th – 22th of February 2013
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Part II
In collaboration with USF and together with the artists we found a solution and The Sun will now be hanging on the stone wall besides USF until 31.08.2013. Glowing day and night. We managed to prove that Bergen is a place that welcomes art, the sun and energetic and beautiful artists.
All photos: Courtesy of the artists and BEK/Anne Marthe

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