The Material in The Immaterial

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The Material in The Immaterial – reflections on the nature of video medium

Since its first appearance as the Sony Portapak in 1967, video has evolved into multiple forms and aspects. Electronic technology had a short life, and other technologies took over, triggering small revolutions in video as a creative medium, as well as a general device. We can say that these small revolutions (electronic signal; digital code) changed our experience of video as ‘consumers’, but also our experience as ‘users’. Unlike other art related technologies, such as painting or even film, video has a diverse, massive usage fulfilling its first promise as an affordable, ‘everybody’s medium’. Potentially, everyone could be a ‘video maker’; the hip-hoper, the terrorist, the artist.. all of us benefiting from an established democratization of the medium, allowing it to become the ultimate expression of a ‘speakers corner’…

On another side of this perspective, art has taken the role of conceptualizing these transformations of the video technology, either by deconstructing it as a device or by using it as a medium for a poetic production.

With the seminar, we aim to broaden the understanding of the video medium possibilities today, through a practical and theoretical exploration of technology, process and work. By having a more practical and physical basis for video production, we want to get closer to a contemporary understanding of the video medium. We see that artists who use video media today often operate in this way, but the discussion of process/methodology is little in the academic community. The position behind the camera and in the editing process is often a language that is loosely and individually placed.

By arranging a practical-theoretical seminar for artists and other professionals that work with video, we want to create a forum for sharing and discussion of practices. To achieve this, we will rely on the material in an immaterial medium. We will explore the camera’s potential by deconstructing its mechanics. We will discuss imagery by viewing the data or 25 fps. We will deny video art immateriality by discussing video works in its shown form; video shown in space /gallery space.



Saturday 3rd of December 9.30-17.00:

9.30 Coffee/arrival contributors/attendants.
10.00 We start/ welcome by Anne Marthe Dyvi with a short introduction to the seminar, our field of interest/research and our guests.

Anne Marthe Dyvi is an artist and Artistic Developer at BEK. She holds a MFA from Bergen Academy of Art and Design from 2010. Together with artist Sara Santos she has put together the seminar The Material in The Immaterial.

Followed by a round table presentation- all participators present themselves in a few sentences.

Followed by self presentation/food for thought by Ellen Røed (NO)/ 45 min.

Ellen Røed (NO) is an artist and Professor at Stockholm University of The Arts, in ‘Film and Media’. Currently based in Stockholm and Drammen. Former research fellow in The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme and former associate professor at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

Followed by self presentation/food for thought by Kersti Sundland (NO)/ 45 min.

Kjersti Sundland is an artist and currently a Reasearch Fellow in The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, and a former associate professor in the same institution.

13.00-14.00 (ca) LUNCH (prepared by us/served at BEK)

Followed by Julien Maire workshop.

Julien Maire (FR) is an artist based in Brussels. In his artworks and performances, Julien Maire systematically re-invents the technology of visual media. His research is a manifest hybrid between media-archeology and the production of new media constellations.

17.00 END (It will be possible to continue conversations at BEK or meet up for people who wants to later in the evening.

Sunday 4th of December 10.00-16.00:

10.00 Coffee/arrival between 10-10.30

10.30 Followed by presentation by Alexandre Estrela.
Alexandre Estrela (PT), based in Lisbon, is an artist who use film and video as the core mediums in his artistic practice, and questionthe materiality of the image, dialoguing with a history of experimental film, video and photography.
website alexandre

Followed by Julien Maire workshop- continues.

13.00-14.00 (ca) LUNCH (prepared by us/served at BEK)
14.00 Summary, gathering of terminology/issues/questions/and more.
16.00 Seminar ends. Thank you.


The seminar/workshop was programmed and organized by Sara Santos (PT), Bergen based artist working with video, and Anne Marthe Dyvi (NO) artist working with video and artistic developer at BEK, Bergen Center for Electronic Arts. The seminar was financially supported by Bergen kommune.