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Download the BITWaves2 app for free:


BITWaves allows you to record sound and play audio by moving your fingers across the screen. With the new version, you can also play polyphonic sound by using several fingers at once. Moving your fingers across the screen, you can make the sounds become lower and slower. What does the clinking of a wine glass sound like when it transforms into something deep and slow? In this version, it is possible to create compositions, play them off, as well as save them.

As part of Bergen’s 950th anniversary, BIT20 Ensemble this autumn invited the people of Bergen to create Lyden av Bergen (The Sound of Bergen). Listen to some of the contributions made with BITWaves here:

S & S, from class 7a at Damsgård skole
L & V, from class 6d at Ulsmåg skole
F & K, from class 6d at Ulsmåg skole

The music app BITWaves was developed in 2015 by Stian Remvik for BIT20 Ensemble, to be used in composition projects and music production. BITWaves is primarily intended for learning programmes directed towards children and young people.

BITWaves adds to the world of personal composing and playback, because the software offers you an intuitive interface that is responsive to touch, rather than being controlled by a grid. Even if you cannot read music or play an instrument, this music app lets you create music with sound that you make yourself and that is found in our everyday surroundings.

New in version 2.4:
– You can easily share compositions with BIT20 Ensemble!
– You can save more projects!
– There is a clearer distinction between the two modes
– Bug fixes

BIT20 Ensemble was founded in 1989 and is a contemporary music orchestra. The orchestra makes recordings of Norwegian and foreign composers, is performing concerts all over the world and is behind several exciting participatory and educational projects with children, young people and adults of all ages.

BITWaves is financed by BIT20 Ensemble with the support from Arts Council Norway, Vestland County, and the City of Bergen.

Please read more about BIT20 here.