Tapage: Ecdysis

Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall 05.05.2018 21.0006.05.2018 02.30


Tapage, aka Tijs Ham, will perform his new audiovisual setup Ecdysis at Landmark on the 5th of May. He has been working on this project during the period when the MOD/ALL workshops was happening at BEK.


Bugo Hoss & Omar Johnsen
Bugo Hoss & Omar Johnsen have both taken the journey towards the modular world. New sounds are uncovered as they weave together their patch cables. We’re looking forward to hear them fuse their distinct voices into one.

Fridtjof Arneberg Wesseltoft has been invited to add visuals to the performance!

Tapage Presents Ecdysis
For the past few months Tapage has been working on a new audiovisual setup Ecdysis. The project reflects upon his recent move to Bergen merging ambient drones and rhythmical passages with enchanting abstract visuals. After a few successful tryouts it is time to showcase these new sounds in concert at Landmark.

But that is not all! During the night we will present DJ sets by:

Jiska Huizing
As a DJ, Jiska’s sets often consist of tracks that range from soul-searching dark to warm and poly rhythmic. The music always contains a powerful drive and escaping rhythms that keep your feet moving. She recently released a remix on Maksimal.

Rudi Valdersnes
Known for his releases on Maksimal and a regular on the Bergen Club scene. Rudi always knows how to get a crowd to get moving with his expert selection of tracks.

Simon Opitz
Simon is known to bring the energy in his DJ sets balancing dance floor sensibilities with an experimental edge.