Summer holiday

Closed during summer 29.06.2020 02.08.2020


BEK will go on summer holiday from 29th June to 3rd August. Booking of our studios and other facilities will be closed during the period. Those of you who already have an agreement to work here, are welcome to do so.

In light of recent important anti-fascist social action, we will also commit ourselves. At BEK we will be listening to, learning from and reinforcing marginalised voices and change our actions. We work anti-racist by co-creating a culture where each person feels seen, heard, and supported. We will offer a space where artists from all backgrounds can develop, collaborate and take leadership. BEK shall be a space free from sexism, gender harassment and all forms of discriminatory attitudes.

We wish you all an absolutely wonderful summer, and a warm welcome back in August!

Image of Lux Passerine (Craig Wells, Omar Johnsen and Stian Remvik) playing live at BEK 23rd June.