Stephanie Dinkins: On Love, Data and Technologies Rooted in Care

Kulturhuset, Vaskerelven 8 20.10.2021 16.00


Online talk
20 NOVEMBER 16:00
Kulturhuset, Vaskerelven 8, second floor
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Care extends far beyond the push toward capital, the mimetic, and reason. 

Many algorithmic technologies are rooted in methods that limit and cajole (data) information from the first human and computational assumptions. We assess ourselves using false dichotomies that force inadequate choices building a world bereft of complexity and nuance. The disclinations of our systems to cope with difference, the unseen, the unknown, and change severely limit possibilities for everyone, including those authoring the algorithms shaping the technological ecosystems we all use and rely on. Through intelligent technologies, we have the ability to understand and organise human activity with complexity, self-organisation, and broadly principled generous governance. So why aren’t these the goals of our algorithmic ecosystems? 

Algorithmic care is doing the extra work and engaging voices that challenge the status quo to redress deep-seated historical and contemporary inequities and unearth other embedded problems, as well as model alternative pathways. It is working beyond binaries.

Stephanie Dinkins

Stephanie Dinkins is a transmedia artist who creates platforms for dialogue about race, gender, ageing, and our future histories. Dinkins’ art practice employs emerging technologies, documentary practices, and social collaboration toward equity and community sovereignty. She is particularly driven to work with communities of colour to co-create more equitable and values-grounded social and technological ecosystems. Dinkins is a professor at Stony Brook University, New York, where she holds the Kusama Endowed Professor in Art.

Dinkins earned an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and is an alumna of the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Independent Study Program. She exhibits and publicly advocates for inclusive AI internationally at a broad spectrum of community, private, and institutional venues. Dinkins is a 2021 United States Artist Fellow and Knight Arts + Tech Fellow. 

The New York Times featured Dinkins as an AI influencer. Wired, Art in America, Artsy, Art21, Hyperallergic, the BBC, Wilson Quarterly, and a host of popular podcasts have recently highlighted Dinkins’ art and ideas.

Photos: All images courtesy of Stephanie Dinkins.

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