Sound in space: Lecture and workshop at NTNU

NTNU 03.03.2009 09.1504.03.2009 17.00


Trond Lossius will be guest teacher at the music technology study at NTNU for a two day lecture and workshop on spatialisation.

For the lecture Wednesday the artist will present documentation of a number of sound installations, and use them as a point of departure for discussion of his own experience with practical, artistic and acoustic problems related to the use of spatialisation for sound installations.

The 4 hour workshop Thursday (delivered twice) will be a practical hands-on demonstration of a number of techniques for spatialisation, such as vector-based amplitude panning (VBAP), distance-based amplitude panning (DBAP), first and higher order ambisonics, ambisonic equivalent panning and virtual michrophone control. The demonstration will use Jamoma in order to provide a unified interface for the different rendering techniques.