SID: Workshop and meetings

HIT, Holon Institute of Technology, Israel 16.11.2009 09.0018.11.2009 12.00


Sonic Interaction Design (SID) is the discipline that investigates the use of sound in interactive experiences. As technologies become more miniaturized and embedded, and their users more mobile, interactive sound becomes increasingly important. The experiences offered by sonic interactions need to be effectively and beautifully designed.

Sketching is a fundamental part of the design process. Designers sketch ideas for objects, spaces, interactions, experiences. Bill Buxton’s recent book, “Sketching User Experiences”, has laid out a palette of methods for sketching interactive experiences, that involve different forms of “visual storytelling”.

But how do we sketch when designing sonic interactions? This is the question at the core of this workshop. What is the equivalent for paper and pen when we come to design interactions that use sound as a main output?

A central topic in this workshop will be the use of the voice – vocal sketching – as one means of sketching sonic interactions. Can the voice for sound designers play a similar role as that played by the hand for the graphic designer? how can, and how do, people use their voice in the initial stages of designing sonic interactions?