Cinemateket, USF, Bergen 28.05.2005 19.0028.05.2005 20.00


Many sounds and images in our everyday lives slip past our notice simply because they are too small, or because we lack the proper receivers to pick them up. ‘resonanCITY’ is an ongoing project to gather these microscopic sounds and images from various cities, and to amplify and transform them. The goal is to build a new city of sound and visuals inside the old one, and to inspire curiosity and exploration of one’s own environment.

This audiovisual performance by Sara Kolster and Derek Holzer explores contemporary ideas about “Live Cinema”. Sound and image gathered in various locations around the world are rendered into a dreamlike journey in a live improvisation where sound and image are directly interrelated. Site-specific versions of ‘resonanCITY’, based entirely on material gathered in the city of the performance, are possible by commission. Please inquire for details and availability.

‘resonanCITY’ has been performed live in Utrecht [NL], Sao Paulo [BR], the Baltic States and most recently at the Transmediale 05 in Berlin and WRO 05 in Poland. During the International Media Art Biennale WRO 05 competition [Wroclaw, PL], the performance was awarded for the 2nd Prize.

Tickets: NOK 30,- (free for workshop participants)

The performance is produced by BEK in collaboration with Ny Musikk Bergen.