Residency: James Webb

USF Verftet 02.05.2010 00.0021.06.2010 00.00


James Webb’s point of departure for this exibition is a sound installation called The Prayer. The Idea is a further development of this installation, adapting it into a site specific art work at Gallery 3.14.

The Prayer, as it has been shown previously, is a visually easy installation with 12 speakers laid out in a geometric pattern on a carpet. Each speaker reproduces recordings of one single person in prayer, so that each speaker portrays worship in different religions or beliefs. The recordings are made locally. The installation allows for a number of reflections, from the musical qualities of the worshiping to the links between prayer, creed, politics, power and identity.

The residency is supported by AiR Bergen.
The exhibition is supported by Norsk Kulturråd, Bergen Kommune and OCA – Office for Contemporary Art Norway.