Nordnes Recordings Launch Party and album release

Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall 22.06.2018 19.0022.06.2018 22.00


On the occasion of the launching of newly formed Bergen based electronic music label Nordnes Recordings, Arthur Hureau releases his 4th album called Dark Matters. The album has partly been developed at BEK, and several of the other artists on the label are artists we also often see here at BEK. The launch party will showcase it’s artists for this launch event at Landmark, and also offer a listening session of Dark Matters.

Time and place: 19:00 – 22:00 at Landmark
ID: 20 years
CC: 40,-

All the acts will be performed in quadrophonia – in four channels – for an immersive experience of music and to celebrate one of 2018’s longest night.

Line up

tapage (live)
Klunks (live)
Fridtjof (live)
Jiska Huizing (dj)
Arthur Hureau (listening session)


Arthur Hureau
Arthur is a french composer and sound-designer currently living and working in Bergen.
His research mixes sciences, socio-political issues and new technologies within the field of DIY engineering and contemporary music. He has performed in the french DIME ensemble, in collaborations and as a solo performer in Europe and USA. His latest release Dark Matters is the musical expression of the 3 mysterious fields structuring the solar system: the Oort cloud, the Kuiper belt and the asteroid belt. Composed between datas and imagination, Dark Matters express a poetic and scientific musique concrète piece.

Tijs Ham is a sound artist from the Netherlands who recently moved to Bergen. For years he has been working with STEIM as an organizer and part of their artistic board. In his own artistic
practice he focuses on chaotic processes, investigating their sonic expressions through the design of new electronic instruments, installations and performances. In his works he combines software development, circuit bending and hardware designs. He has frequently performed at concerts and festivals throughout Europe.

Jiska Huizing
Jiska Huizing is a Dutch artist, musician and DJ living and working in Bergen, she holds a bachelor in fine art from Academy Minerva in Groningen (NL), a master in fine art from the Bergen Academy of Fine Art and Design (NO) and participated in the Nordic Sound Art Program.

Klunks is a sound artist and researcher from the UK, based in bergen. He studied a degree and masters in electroacoustic composition and a Phd in philosophy focusing on sonic experience and the body. He is currently a researcher in NARP where he is investigating ambisonics and multichannel arrangements. What is central to his interests is the notion of resonant communities, building a shared site of exchange and open ended collaboration into non idiomatic sound practices, where exploration, appropriation and DIY approaches are central drives.

Fridtjof is a Norwegian pianist, electronic performer and sound-artist exploring melancholic landscapes. He performs with his organic field recordings, travel archives and mixed electronic and acoustic instruments. He is currently completing his education at the Bergen Academy of Fine Arts and has been performing as a local and an international artist. He has collaborated with Arthur Hureau, Victor Novak, Triangulator, Rudi Valdersnes and Mathias Loose in a serie of covers, remixes and concerts.

Supproted by Nordnes Recordings and BEK.