Nina Barnett and Robyn Nesbitt in Utsira

Utsira and BEK 23.09.2013 00.0029.09.2013 00.00


This experience was very valuable to the artists – as confirmed by an excerpt from their website report:

“These encounters have altered my thinking of this island and it’s reason, its purpose. When I arrived I thought of this place as an outpost, a piece of isolated rock cast away in the midst of the sea. It now seems entirely more complex – as an integral connection between pathways, a place that is possible to know very well within a vast time scale, a collection of narratives all located specifically within the watery perimeter.”
To see a daily account from each artist, please visit (posts dated 23 – 29 September).

The artists would like to thank BEK for the use of their Soundfield microphone (perfect for collecting sounds of the island environment) and their editing studio for post production and video editing.