New video by Eva Ljosvoll

Lørenskog kunstforening,Galleri Boa, Oslo,Nordnorsk kunstnersenter, Svolvær 29.10.2011 13.0019.11.2011 00.00


The video lasts six and a half minutes. During this time, plants sprouts, grows and blooms in  flower pots in a window still. We hear the sound of industrial work from the container port outside the window and a person who hums a small circular melody. What is happening outside the window, takes place in real time.
The plants unpredictable growth are combined with the movement in the work of container shipping. Because this takes place in different time scales and have different characteristics, they contrasts each other. The plants growth shows how life can unfold, albeit under very restrictive conditions.

Other participating artists at the exhibition are Tulle Ruth Koefoed-Jespersen, Camilla Malmquist, Ulla Schildt and Siv Bugge Vatne. All six work with the constructed nature of medias and materials such as motorized drawings, engineered, but realistic video collages, photographs, digital prints with drawing and Chinese woodcuts, and installations with false, but natural, stones.

En Odyssé has been supported by Billedkunstnernes vederlagsfond.