multiMORF 3

BEK 01.08.2011 00.0011.08.2011 00.00


The word Morf has many meanings. The concept of morphing is used within f.ex. animation and sound processing, resulting in a seamless change from one object to another. In multiMORF 3, the recording of a waterfall is “morfed” with a recording of the trombone soloist done in so many layers that the sound of the trombone is similar to a roar. The sounds are processed in a studio with computer tools, and the soloist uses electronics during the performance. Sound and image recordings are made ​​of two waterfalls on the west coast of Norway.

multiMORF 3 is the third in a series of works developed in collaboration with sound artist Thorolf Thuestad and video artist HC Gilje. The piece has an open form, ie, choices concerning the time course, the order of ideas, and the amount of repetitions are taken during the performance. Morphing is polyphonic because it occurs simultaneously in different layers of a soloist, in audio technology and video.

– Knut Vaage

multiMORF 3 are ordered by the BIT20 Ensemble, and financed by the Norwegian composer Fund and the Norwegian Cultural Council. Studio use, recording equipment and last production period is supported by BEK.