Cartes Flux, Helsinki,lab30, Augsburg,Nao Performing Festival, Milano 18.10.2011 18.0023.10.2011 00.00


The installation attracts visitors’ senses offering a joyful gambling- game around musical, choreographical and cinematographical elements as dance & beat-boxing. The latter expression describes a form of vocal percussion from which the installation derives its title.

MindBox is a triple-channel ‘media catapult’ to be touched. The arm and buttons of the modified fruit machine function as a tactile interface to the actions of a filmed character whose vocal- & movement clusters can be re-composed and re-performed by the audience.

Mindbox was presented at the Sonic Interaction Design exhibition produced by BEK at the Norwegian Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine, May 29th – August 21st 2011.

MindBox is produced by Humatic Berlin in co-operation with TMA Hellerau , BEK and Compagnia Zappalà Danza. The MindBox technology is based on HUMAsystem and the FTM & Co libraries for Max/MSP.