Marieke Verbiesen at Digital Narrative Network Conference

KMD - University of Bergen, Møllendalsveien 61 21.11.2019 22.11.2019


Marieke Verbeisen will give the presentation “Bit Crushes & Square Waves” about her exhibition series Sonic Game Space at the Digital Narrative Network Conference. The conference and exhibition is a cross-faculty initiative that will present a keynote by N. Katherine Hayles on literature and AI, a series of presentations by scholars, artists and authors, and an exhibition of digital narratives.

Find more information about the conference, the full programme and schedule at the University of Bergen’s website.

Marieke Verbiesen: “Bit Crushes & Square Waves”

A presentation of the Sonic Game Space exhibition series I have  been organising in Bergen – with a new upcoming show at USF in 2020. Sonic Game Space is a project that combines Exhibitions, Workshops, Presentations and Live performances, centered around the works by a group of artists that are connected trough their work in early game console art. Their output spans a spectrum of forms including videos, performance & live music, sculpture & installation, often extending beyond the computer screen. Sonic Game Space investigates the concepts of playing with and exploring the obsolete game consoles that have had, and continue to have, a key influence on the development of audiovisual art and technology.

Foto: Lucila Mayol