Live streaming in the North East of Thailand

Yasothon, Thailand 01.08.2013 00.0005.09.2013 00.00


“We were mostly exploring ways of sending the most stable live feed from the village. At such a remote location where there was no Internet access from before, just getting Internet was the main challenge for some weeks. After negotiating with some contractors, we managed to get Internet through a 21m tall tower in our backgarden, with an antenna on top that connected to other towers in neigbouring villages. After this, we explored weather proof IP cameras that we can remotely control: we managed to send stable feed from the village to Norway and it has been stable for some weeks now, which is a good sign. Now we know better what the possibilities are for using this as basis for upcoming experiments.”

The results of these ventures will be shown next spring at USF.

The voyage back was also supported by Bergen Kommune.