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Kjersti Sundland and BEK at Touch Me Festival 2017

Zagreb, Kroatia 06.10.2017 18.10.2017



Touch Me Festival 2017 – The Invisible Around Us

From 6th-19th October, our Future DiverCities partner, KONTEJNER, will arrange the annual Touch Me festival in Zagreb (Croatia), which focuses on innovative interventions within science, technology and art. The fifth edition is titled The Invisible Around Us, where dark matter is used as a metaphor for our limitations when it comes to perception, knowledge and reality. How can hidden phenomena be explored and imagined in science and in art? The festival programme consists of exhibitions, a symposium and a workshop, as well as a Future DiverCities LAB.


Kjersti Sundland at LAB

The Bergen based artist Kjersti Sundland will be one of the participants in the Future DiverCities’ LAB in Zagreb from 9th -13th October! The LAB unites local and foreign artists at a former factory site, Pogon Jedinstvo. Over five days, the artists will focus on exploring this prior industrial zone and its effect on the neighbourhood.

Learn more about Kjersti Sundland at her website here.


BEK at the Symposium

In line with the theme of the festival, The Invisible Around Us, the symposium revolves around hidden events and phenomena that we cannot normally perceive with our human senses. Anne Marthe Dyvi will represent BEK at the symposium. On the 6th of October she will present BEK’s work and our collaboration with Future DiverCities.

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Image found at KONTEJNERs website.