Future DiverCities

Katrine Meisfjord to International Week 2019 of Savonia UAS

Savonia University of Applied Science, Kuopio 18.02.2019 22.02.2019


An important part of BEK’s collaboration with the partners in Future DiverCities is to give artists the opportunities to develop art projects, show their work and build a professional network. To the International week at Savonia University of Applied Science in Kuopio, we are sending Katrine Meisfjord, whose art practice focuses on dialogue and participation. As part of the one week long programme, Meisfjord will lead the workshop “Socially engaged arts” which will explore the various methodologies of learning and working in the different disciplines.

Photo credit: Nayarit Bustos

About Katrine Meisfjord

As an artist I’ve chosen to focus on dialogue and participant based art. My focus is on intercultural meetings in local communities with the goal to introduce members of different groups to one another, mixed across age, social strata, and cultural affiliation. We often move in social circles where people believe and feel similarly about important issues. I aim to organize dialogue events that allow us to take part in realities outside our own. The aim is to, over time, gain a greater understanding of differences, resulting in a common deep awareness of multiple positions to behold.”

Katrine Meisfjord lives in Bergen, Norway. She holds a BA in textile art (2007) and an MA in fine arts (2009) from Bergen National Academy of the Arts. She is also a nurse. In the last years she has been showing performances, installations and participatory dialogue based works in galleries (solo exhibitions in Soft Gallery; Oslo, Rogaland Art Centre; Stavanger, Stiftelsen 3,14 LIVE; Bergen, Galleri Puls; Norheimsund), and in group exhibitions (NKs Årsutstilling 2017; Fredrikstad, KODE2; Bergen, KODE1; Bergen, Visningsrommet USF, Bergen). In addition, she has organized numerous community based art projects, both in private homes and in public space. In 2016 she received a two year working grant from Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond.

Visit Katrine Meisfjord’s website here.

About the International Week 2019 of Savonia UAS

The core of the week is the concept and practice of co-creation. Co-creation encourages active involvement of students, faculties and organizations to produce knowledge and learning together. During the week we will examine how learning environments, pedagogical choices, and support services (like student services, RDI etc.) can enhance co-creation. Co-Creation Days offer a platform for launching new co-operative initiatives and developing together new project ideas – In other words, an opportunity for real co-creation.

Titled “The invited space, reflections on co-creation practices in the Arts”, Laëtitia Manach, Future DiverCities project leader and Johanna Tuukkanen, Anti Festival will present the Future DiverCities project in a KeyNote speach during the week.

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