Join us for BEK Opening Week 2023!

BEK, C. Sundts gate 55 + Bergen Kjøtt, Skutevikstorget 1 23.02.2023 26.02.2023


You’re warmly invited to join us 23–26 February as we celebrate our community with an open house, artist talks, workshops and performances at BEK, and an inspiring film programme at Bergen Kjøtt.

Come by BEK for crash courses in using our sound and video studios, followed by a shared dinner and live mixing of sound and video! Get a glimpse of the artistic processes of Amber Ablett, Cici Wu and Samuel Brzeski, and enjoy sound performances from tonota and Arthur Hureau. In our film programme at Bergen Kjøtt Sunday evening, we’ll present films by Karrabing Film Collective, Rory Pilgrim, Josèfa Ntjam and Ayoung Kim.

Find more information in the programme links below. All the events are free, and no registration required!


Thursday 23 February

BEK, C. Sundts gate 55, 9th floor
18:00 BEK Opening Week: Artist talks: Ablett, Wu, Brzeski

Amber Ablett: “Conversation as an artistic research material”
During her studio residency at BEK in spring 2023, artist Amber Ablett will be working on two artistic research projects that use conversation as a research and artistic material. In this artist talk, she will open up the two projects and share what she has learnt about safe, ethical, supportive and collectively owned documentation and recording.

Cici Wu: “Tsaiyun (Rosy-Cloud) Bridge and Tang Lung Chau (Lantern Island)
Cici Wu (US/Hong Kong) is in a studio residency at BEK while preparing for an exhibition opening in Hordaland kunstsenter (HKS), and will be talking about her work in progress. During her residency, Wu edits her new short stop motion film and works on a new sculptural piece that extends from her on-going long term project of re-thinking early cinema and its precursor in a quasi-fictional Asia.

Samuel Brzeski
Samuel Brzeski will talk around and about his ongoing project Vibrational Semantics, which explores the voice’s ability to shift seamlessly between signification and sonority, from speech sound to noise. Questions of linguistic ambiguity, embodied voicing and feeling/meaning are investigated in relation to the place and presence of the performed voice. Brzeski’s upcoming solo exhibition at Lydgalleriet, “The burly word catches the erm”, is the latest instalment in the project.

Friday 24 February

BEK, C. Sundts gate 55, 9th floor
16:00 BEK Opening Week: Crash courses

Come by to look into the possibilities of the sound studio – mixing, sound for film, voice-over, recording improvised electronics, and more! Beginners and curious folk will also get an introduction to using our 8K video studio and camera. Stay around for dinner and drinks, hanging out, testing and mixing live video and sound.

Saturday 25 February

BEK, C. Sundts gate 55, 9th floor
18:00 BEK Opening Week: Sound performances: tonota og Arthur Hureau

We’re excited to present sound performances by two artists in the BEK community: the multi-channel work “uncertainty” by Zagreb-based tonota, who worked on the piece during her recent studio residency at BEK, and a multichannel live set by Arthur Hureau. 

Sunday 26 February

Bergen Kjøtt, Skutevikstorget 1
18:00 BEK Opening Week: Films

Please join us for a film programme at Bergen Kjøtt! The BEK team presents films that inspire us and mark some of our research interests – by Karrabing Film Collective, Rory Pilgrim, Josèfa Ntjam, and Ayoung Kim.

Image credits: 1) BEK. 2–3) Portrait of Amber Ablett: Jan Khür. 4–5) BEK. 6) Photo of tonota performing “uncertainty” at Gibanja 2023: Sanja Bistričić Srića. 7) Photo of Arthur Hureau: Nayara Leite. 8) Still from “The Undercurrent” by Rory Pilgrim. 9) Still from “Delivery Dancer’s Sphere” by Ayoung Kim. 

Graphic design by Blank Blank Studio.