Heimevernet at Studio USF

BIT-Teatergarasjen / Studio USF,BIT-Teatergarasjen / Studio USF 07.05.2016 19.0007.05.2016 20.00


The Norwegian romantic nationalism movement sought to build the nation on mutual history, language and identity. It’s a bigger challenge to establish an understanding of how we view ourselves in today’s postmodern society. This task has barely started. Heimevernet looks closer at the multitude of understandings of a national self. Should we accept the national identity as being fluid and flexible? Is it possible to for us to bridge the gap between “us” and them” by acknowledging that there are countless perceptions of what it means to be Norwegian?

It is through others that we see ourselves, whether they are Syrian refugees or Romani beggars. Some struggle to accept this view and refuse to admit to having a limited understanding of themselves. Because the world is ultimately a just place. We are better off because we simply are better. Successful, grateful, and privileged, we defend our brilliant systems and sovereign oil wealth. Welcome to a night of authentic Norwegian cosiness and well-being.

Kunstnerisk leder: Lisa Nøttseter | Scenografi og kostyme: Silje Sandodden Kise | Utøvere: Marianne Kjærsund, Maja Roel og Emilie Dahlén | Lysdesign: Silje Grimstad | Lyddesign: Thorolf Thuestad |Produsent: Ragnhild Gjefsen | Co-produsert av: BIT Teatergarasjen, BEK | Støttet av: Norsk Kulturråd, Bergen kommune, Hordaland fylkeskommune og Bergen Dansesenter.