Hardware Hacking Workshop by Nic Collins

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This is a workshop in hardware hacking for audio applications such as battery powered radios. No previous electronic experience is assumed.

Workshop schedule

Day 1
16th January 12:00-18:00

Typical Schedule Introduction The Victorian Oscillator (Chapter 5)
Laying of Hands: the radio-cracklebox (Ch. 11) Alternative microphones:
Speaker-as-microphone (Ch. 4) Contact Mikes (Ch. 7) Coil pickups (Ch. 3) Tape Heads (Ch. 9)
Electret and binaural microphones (Ch. 10) Using speakers as drivers
Signal process with drivers and contact mikes on various materials (springs, metal plates, etc.)

Day 2
17th January 12:00-18:00

Oscillators (Ch. 18-19): Basic
Mixing with resistors, diodes Chain diode modulation Triangle wave output 4093 oscillator with modulation

Day 3
18th January 12:00-18:00
Mixers (Ch. 26) Signal processing with light (Tremolo, pan, etc.) (Ch. 21) Preamplifiers, distortion (Ch. 22) Signal processing
Distortion 4093 modulation