Håkonshallen by night

Håkonshallen, Bergen 09.09.2011 21.4518.09.2011 05.00


‘Carousel’ is a pattern of time, light and colors. With its placing and its repetitive form, we want to illustrate Håkonshallen as a place of ceremonial acts and parties through 750 years. It is shown trough the basic form of ‘The ceremony’, repetition, and ‘The party’ as a cultural expression in which community and the sence of belonging is shaped.
Bjørg Taranger (born in 1953) is an artist from Austevoll living in Bergen.
‘Carousel’ is curated by Anne Marthe Dyvi at the Bergen Center for Electronic Arts.
The work is commissioned by the Centennial Committee for the 750-year anniversary of Håkonshallen.
The work appears from the 9th to the 18th of September.

Håkonshallen 750 year anniversary/Program

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