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Experiences with Creative Europe

Bærum kulturhus 23.01.2019 24.01.2019


Anne Marthe Dyvi, Artistic Developer at BEK, is participating in Norwegian Arts Council’s conference Kultur over grenser (Culture Across Borders) Thursday January 24th. The conference is a meeting place for everyone who wants to learn more about international cultural collaborations, and who wants to develop a project and/or meet potential partners.

Anne Marthe Dyvi participates in the session Erfaringer fra Kreativt Europa – Fra skrei til elektronisk kunst (Experiences from Creative Europe – From Cod to Electronic Arts), where she will share experiences with the funding scheme Creative Europe and BEK’s collaboration with our partners in the European project Future DiverCities.

From the Programme:

SESSION 7 (Thursday 01.24.2019)
Experiences from Creative Europe – From Cod to Electronic Arts
Experiences with being a project manager and a partner on Creative Europe projects; how to find partners or be found by a project manager? Tips, tricks and experiences from the process.
Museum Nord with Anna Vermehren (in English) and Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts with Anne Marthe Dyvi. Per Dehlin from Norwegian Arts Council will be leading the session.

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