BEK Opening Week: Deep Listening: The Story of Pauline Oliveros

Cinemateket i Bergen 18.02.2024 17.00


How to listen through a lifetime.

Sunday 18 February
Cinemateket Bergen, Georgernes Verft 12
CC: 100/80,-, buy tickets at

Pauline Oliveros’ theoretical legacy on listening resonates strongly with artists and musicians to this day. Oliveros was a legendary composer, accordionist and a pioneer of experimental music in the post-war period in the US, who among other things helped develop the first Buchla synth, as well as being a highly respected author, philosopher and teacher. In her later years, she created software for composition for people with impaired functional ability, and instruments and musical works for the hearing-impaired and deaf – which was performed in Bergen in 2016, just months before she passed away. Her Deep Listening-theory – an intense, meditative approach to listening in space and time – has inspired countless, and remains a ground-breaking work on listening. In this documentary, Oliveros herself gets to tell the story of her discoveries and ideas, through archive material, interviews and looking back on a long, influential life.

The film is presented in collaboration with Cinemateket Bergen.

Direction: Daniel Weintraub. USA, 2023. English language, English subtitles. Format: DCP. 1h 57min. No age limit.

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