Claudio Forlini : Film and Sound at 3,14

3,14 20.10.2011 19.0020.10.2011 20.00


Vampyr is essentially a sound art movie. Rather than a traditional dialogue, sounds that reflect the characters’ thoughts are mediated through a multi-speaker system. This way of creating a soundscape will also process and communicate the interaction between the characters’ relationships, generated through music, audio loops and/or harmonized melodies. Vampyr was shot on locations around Bergen last winter, and edited in BEKs audio- and videostudio. (HD video. Length: 11 min.)

Entropia is a feedback machine built at BEK, which is used to create Vampyr’s soundtrack, a conceptual musical instrument that resonates on impulses from both the room and the people who play it. It is known that every space, every object and every living creature resonates and responds to certain specific frequencies. This type of feedback machine will communicate what is around one, at a given time. A circulating signal is controlled by an active mixer, an equalizer, active filters and different effects. The sound is self-reinforcing, and this way of controling feedback creates a rich and varied drone-landscape.

Both projects are supported by the Bergen Municipality.